News Update

It’s all about hair!

The demand for hair extension is massive with prices from as low as N2,500 to N250,000 per piece. You may want to look into this lucrative business opportunity. Listen to our client who went from zero to hero! Click here to ask how you can start your business today.

14 Aug

Explore the amazing opportunities with phone accessories

Explore the amazing opportunities that exists when you accessorize phones! Nigeria has over 144 million mobile phone users and there is an opportunity to make or sell mobile phones. Imagine the size of that market! Watch this video on how our much our client makes from a N5000 start up. Click here to ask how you can start […]

14 Aug

Data is Life?!

Watch this short video on how to start and run a data sharing business from your home. Easy as ABC! Click here to start your business today.  

12 Aug

Top five businesses to start easily in Nigeria

One of the major lessons learnt from Nigeria’s economic recession is that attention must be drawn away from traditional revenue generators like oil to innovative solution.  Many have lost their jobs, many more struggle with gaining blue collar jobs. InnovationMatters studies show that more and more Nigerians are looking for businesses to start at low […]