With DataFactory, InnovationMatters combines our strong data analytics background with technology. Currently, we have successfully gone beyond data analysis to translating knowledge into concrete, simple and workable visuals, such as infographics.

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Creating Enterprise Opportunities brings to life evidence-based enterprises. In partnership with our clients, InnovationMatters supports the emergence and nurturing of new initiatives, businesses and prospects through knowledge, coaching and training.


InnovationMatters is currently working with over 500 tailors in the fashion industry to show off their products on a soon-to-be launched marketplace platform called ShakaraFab. The central purpose of ShakaraFab initiative is to improve tailor’s income and livelihoods, create global visibility of Nigeria’s apparel entrepreneurs, harness a powerful but dormant a multi-billion dollar industry, and potentially contribute to macro-economic growth for Nigeria.

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“We want to appreciate DFID, CBN and InnovationMatters for being at this forum and enlightening us about what we need to thrive economically”– Dr Adebayo, Joint National Association of Persons With Disability (JONAPWD), CEO Connect, December 2016

“I am so happy that this is the first time I have been at a forum like this! I feel like I can speak and that somebody is going to do something about this.” – Solomon Omere, Intellectual Disability, Cluster

I came because of the digital marketing and I tell you it was worth the time. Ah, it is the next level I can get to. I have many ideas now. – Alhaji Adetokunbo Abulsalam, CEO Connect, February 2017

“In those days, plantain chips used to be called kpekere now it is called plantain chips. The difference between plantain chips and kpekere is packaging! Move you business ideas forward. Think differently. Use this opportunity to learn from InnovationMatters.” – Ifeanyi Peters Ugwuoke, CEO Connect March 2017

“A shift has occurred in me. People are now inviting me as a resource person for their programs… I know it’s because I am now bolder to speak in public… I know its because of how my community is changing because of me!” Faustina Ocansey, Accra, Ghana, March 2012

“This is me before the Leadership Programme …I was flowing anywhere and nowhere…I didn’t know where I was going. But now, this is me, I know where I am going now…I am now flowing into the big ocean and there are even small streams flowing into me from different sides and I am taking them to the big ocean..”…– Patricia Lewis, Monrovial, Liberia, August 2010.

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